CBD capsules – an interesting alternative

We should start by briefly discussing the CBD itself. It is one of the so-called  cannabinoids which are present in the cannabis indica. It has to be noted, however, that it is not characterized by psychoactive nor addictive properties. What is pretty noteworthy, on the other hand, is its very diversified influence in terms of medical properties (more on that in a moment). CBD is available on the market in many different forms – oil, capsules, or aromatic e-cigarette liquids. All those substances are available completely legally and over the counter. CBD products contain a trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinols, which are substances that cause marijuana as such to be illegal. In today’s article we will mostly focus on the CBD capsules. We will explain why it is worth using regular supplementation, we will point out the therapeutic influence of such chemicals, as well as explain where to buy the supplements.

CBD capsules – what is that?

CBD capsules are just regular coated tablets that contain specially processed CBD in their composition, which is harvested from natural industrial cannabis. Everyone who has detected any form of violating the law in the previous sentence can relax – the CBD oil and capsules are completely legal. A special method of processing cannabis results in reduction of THC while increasing the content of terpenes and, indeed, CBD. Those are all those chemicals that cause marijuana to be considered a revolutionary medical product. The capsules contain a 4% CBD solution that, for a regular supplementation (2 or 3 tablets a day), will be more than a sufficient dose. It all depends on the purpose of taking CBD capsules, which is why the dosage might differ here. There is nothing to worry, though, as the capsules don’t have any addictive properties, nor do they cause any side effects, which allows them to be successfully used over a long period of time. CBD capsules make a flavorless alternative to oils, which have a pretty distinct aftertaste that is characteristic to cannabis products. Not everyone has to like it, so if someone wishes to choose the revolutionary effect of CBD but they don’t want to feel the taste and aroma of cannabis, the orally administrated capsules will make the best possible choice!

The medical effect of CBD capsules

As we have already mentioned, it has been discovered that cannabinoids such as CBD and terpenes have a miraculous effect on many areas of human body. Starting with skin lesions, through the circulatory and immune systems, all the way to supporting cancer treatment. Regular use of CBD capsules might help with things like skin diseases, acne, psoriasis etc. They are worth using as the secondary remedies when treating addictions (alcoholism, cigarettes, opioid substances), it has been proven that CBD might be helpful for alleviating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis or chronic pains. Currently doctors are working on using the cannabis indica extract in cancer treatment. No tests have been conducted on human bodies yet, but the prognosis is very optimistic and a lot indicates that in the future such substances might revolutionize the approach to cancer treatment. Even today, CBD capsules can be taken by people after chemotherapy, who experience reduced pain as well as increased appetite after using them. Such solution is also recommended for use in case of mental illnesses (depression, schizophrenia).

Are CBD capsules legal?

Plenty of people, when hearing the phrase CBD oil, instantly assume that such products are illegal in Poland. Not in the slightest – substances containing specially processed CBD can be sold as diet supplements without any limitations. It is also worth noting that even the so-called medical marijuana is already legal in our country, although it is only available as a prescription drug. CBD in tablets, cannabis oil or liquids are available over the counter! Those are completely natural remedies that aren’t addictive. Any kind of psychoactive or intoxicating effects have also been neutralized. Industrial sowing cannabis is cultivated on legal farms within Polish borders. In this case there’s nothing to worry about any potential conflict with law that could arise due to having or taking such products.

Where to buy CBD capsules?

Both capsules as well as oils are better to be purchased from a reliable source! The authorized manufacturer and distributor is  an online store that offers high quality products in different variants. Those are not just capsules in 60 piece packages, but also liquids in different flavors that can be used in e-cigarettes or inhalers. The most common version of CBD is one in oils with a dropper. When it comes to capsules, the ingredients of a coated tablet include, among other things, oil with fiber cannabis extract, other cannabinoids with medical properties, terpenes, glycerin, water and coating made of animal-based gelatin. That’s the optimal composition that we get in most of vitamin tablets. What matters here, though, is the 4% CBD content, which does make a difference. That’s a completely sufficient dose to be taken by adults.

CBD capsules are intended for regular supplementation – they have to be taken 2 or 3 times a day. Those who decided to start a supplementation with CBD capsules have observed radical improvement after just short time. Of course a lot depends on whether we want to battle some illness or disease, or just focus on prevention. In any case, CBD influences the harmony of processes occurring inside the human body, provides with life energy, increases appetite, as well as regulates the hormonal balance. It is undoubtedly one of the most universal remedies available on the market today that is definitely going to revolutionize many more fields of medicine.