5 reasons why you should check out the thc oil

Marijuana harvested from cannabis indica is a controversial topic in many areas, it is worth noting though that the THC oil is becoming an increasingly popular preparation that is widely used as a preventive and additional measure in treatment of many diseases, or even cancer, which is why a growing number of doctors and specialists speaks of its benefits with full consciousness.

What is THCoil?

THC oil is a so-called cannabis-derived cannabinoid, which is harvested from flowers, leaves or even stems of cannabis. It should be noted here that the oil is not psychoactive, and as a result, it is characterized by its healing, and not intoxicating, action. THC oil might form basis for many products, and its use in herbalism has been known since ancient times, but it’s only now that it is entering the field of modern medicine for good. THC oil is widely available on the market over the counter. It can be purchased both at brick-and-mortar stores and online. The preparation is manufactured in several varieties. The extract is obtained from organic cannabis that can be grown legally in European Union. The plants are picked at a specific time, once they are ripe, and the concentration of the desired cannabinoids is at its highest. The flowers of medical cannabis also make a source of so-called terpenes, which are also chemicals with medical properties. During the so-called extraction process, supercritical carbon dioxide is used, which gives Thc oil its unique properties. It all might sound a little terrifying, but we assure that it’s a completely natural method of obtaining a diet supplement that matches the hormonal balance of human body. There are specialists who claim that the oil’s potential is pretty much unlimited and that it has a beneficial influence on nearly every part of human body.

Therapeutic properties of CBD

The remedy in question comes in many different forms, but each of them is characterized by an array of medical properties, as well as counteracting development of diseases, illnesses and cancer. It would be difficult to list all of the therapeutic properties of marijuana oil here, but what definitely deserves a mention is alleviation of inflammations and autoimmune conditions. When rubbed in the right parts of the body, the oil can take care of an inflammation in a shorter time than any other ointment for athletes. The THC oil alleviates the intensity of epileptic seizures, skin lesions in psoriasis, symptoms related to multiple sclerosis, alleviates chronic pains, increases appetite, alleviates nausea, smooths out acne lesions, lowers the risk of heart diseases occurring etc. THC oil can also take care of more global diseases, so to speak, such as schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, addiction to opioid anti-inflammatory drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Last but not least, thc oil is also considered to be an additional measure in battling cancer. There’s an ongoing research on combining therapies using cannabinoids for different types of cancer.

Ongoing research

CBD, as well as many other substances that can be obtained from properly processed cannabis indica, provides an optimistic outlook on research related to battling cancer. First and foremost, marijuana oil reduces pain and improves appetite in patients after chemotherapy. Plenty of people who chose therapies that incorporate CBD admit that they did not expect such positive results. Scientist don’t just stop there, though! Alternative methods of cancer treatment that utilize cannabinoids present in cannabis indica are a very promising area of scientific research, which keeps getting expanded on. As of today, research is not conducted on human bodies, but if the results are good, it is likely just a matter of time. Scientist have proven that THC oil is able to prevent growth of cancer cells, or even possibly destroy the existing ones. It mostly applies to the types of cancer that develop in cervix, lungs, colon, or thyroid. It has also been proven that CBD is able to counteract leukemia, in a way that is yet to be observed in any other remedy. The marijuana extract also reduces invasions of glioma cells, which are incredibly dangerous to the brain. On top of actions targeting specific types of cancer, CBD might be successfully used as an additional measure when utilizing other methods of battling cancer. In conclusion, THC oil increases sensitivity of cancer cells, which makes them easier to remove – it reduces the amount of energy needed to win against cancer cells, thus resulting in their death. On top of that, use of this type of remedies contributes to apoptosis in cancer, which prevents growth and spread of the cells in the body.

How many percent oils are available on the market?

Among the products based on the cannabis extract, there’s a whole lot of preparations with different concentration of CBD. The Oil is most often sold in small vials that come with a special dropper. The preparation is available in versions with a 5, 10, 20, or even 30 percent CBD solution. As isn’t difficult to guess, the bigger the content of cannabinoids, the more condensed the action. However, one should not act under assumption that cannabis oil with the highest CBD content will be the best in every case – a lot depends on the application. For example, when it comes to the direct impact on skin, it is not necessary to use a concentration this high. Products in different variants are available at brick-and-mortar and online stores. It’s a good idea to buy from a reliable source, like the manufacturer’s website or authorized dealers. That’s the only way we can be sure that the product matches the description 100%, and in turn, it works as recommended by specialists.

In conclusion, we have learned that marijuana oil is a special extract obtained from organic cannabis indica, which, when processed properly, releases the so-called cannabinoids that have a vast impact on the human body. It is worth noting here that it is not characterized as having psychoactive properties, is not addictive, and doesn’t cause any side effects even when used long-term. Properly processed plants only have a minimal THC content, in favor of bigger amount of CBD. Such composition not only allows to treat many diseases, but also prevents development of illnesses, or even cancer. The research on the therapeutic impact of CBD is ongoing. The oil is considered to be the future of cancer treatment, which is why the financial spendings on the development in this area keep growing. As of now, vials of the oil can be found with manufacturers who sell it at different concentrations of active substances. This certainly makes a great alternative to many drugs that are of invasive nature and cannot be used combined with certain remedies. The CBD cannabis oil is a completely natural preparation that not only has plenty of medical applications listed in this article, but also has a harmonious impact on the functioning of human body, which can certainly help regain the joy of living, improve the body’s condition, or finally enjoy each day to the fullest.